Our refrigerators are an indispensable appliance to keep our food fresh and safe. But what happens when that peaceful hum of the machine is replaced by an unnerving sound of clicks, pops, gurgles, and groans? While some noises are part of normal operation, others can signal underlying problems. Here’s how to distinguish between harmless fridge chatter and a potential need to contact a fridge freezer repair in Dartford.

The normal sounds of a fridge

  • Clicking: This rhythmic clicking usually indicates the automatic defrost cycle at work. The thermostat turns the compressor on and off to maintain temperature, which leads to clicking sounds.
  • Popping and cracking: These occur due to thermal contraction and expansion. As the fridge cools, metal components shrink, causing pops. Conversely, as the temperature rises during defrosting, these components expand, resulting in cracks.
  • Gurgling and hissing: These sounds are associated with refrigerant circulation. Gurgling might occur when the refrigerant changes state while hissing can indicate refrigerant flow through narrow tubes. Both are normal functions.

The abnormal sounds

  • Excessive clicking: Rapid or continuous clicking can indicate a faulty thermostat or relay switch, which controls compressor function.
  • Loud whining or grinding: These persistent sounds suggest a failing fan motor or a loose or worn component, like a fan blade scraping against ice buildup.
  • Unusually loud hissing: A loud, constant hiss can indicate a refrigerant leak. This constitutes a critical issue that requires immediate professional assistance.

Taking action

If you experience any of these abnormal noises, you should not delay from taking action:

  • Consult a qualified repair technician: A professional can diagnose the cause of the noise and recommend repairs. Early intervention can solve minor issues before it can escalate into a major problem.
  • DIY solutions (with Caution): You might attempt DIY solutions for some simple issues. These could involve cleaning dirty condenser coils to improve airflow. This can also help reduce noise from a strained compressor. However, for anything more complex, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

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