The use of fridge freezers is highly impactful in our daily lives. We can’t think about a day without the freezer as it keeps our food fresh for an extended period. If you notice any alarming signs with your fridge freezer, you must act fast. You must seek professional fridge freezer repairs; otherwise, you might end up with compromised food. Continue reading the blog to know the most common fridge freezer issues. Some of them are specific based on whether you have a frost-free or standard refrigerator.

4 Most Common Fridge Freezer Faults & Issues

Insufficient cooling

Your fridge freezer keeps your food cool to keep them consumable. So, if you notice your freezer isn’t functioning properly, it must be completely fixed as soon as possible. The main culprit can be your thermostat or the compressor. In this situation, you must seek expert assistance to get your appliance back to its full potential.

Over freezing

If you notice your freezer is over freezing, there might be some issues with your thermostat. There might be other reasons behind this, such as sealing or insulation. Here, you must hire a technician to repair or replace your thermostat. You must pay attention to this issue to avoid ending up with a more damaged appliance, necessitating costly repairs.

Icemaker not working

When you notice your icemaker is not working, it’s challenging to find out the source of the fault. The water valve might be the culprit, or there is a blockage. Seek professional assistance to fix this issue. This might require part replacements as well.

Strange noises

Over time, your fridge freezer might make some kind of noise, regardless of whether it’s a light hum, consistent, or odd clicking sound. These sounds are not too loud, but need attention right away. Here, the moving parts of your appliance are the culprit. Opt for professional repairs to fix your fan or the motor.

To sum up, these are the most common fridge freezer faults and issues that necessitate professional repairs. If your freezer is suffering any of the above issues, contact us at Britchill Refrigeration Repairs. With Britchill, you can have complete peace of mind about quality work. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, our fridge repair specialists will leave no stone unturned to restore your freezer’s functionality. All you need is to connect with us to book an appointment and get assured of quick solutions.