Refrigerator repair expenses are lower than those for a complete replacement. Most fridges can be repaired easily. However, the repair cost depends on a few factors. Buying a new one might be easy; however, it’s the more expensive option. If your fridge is malfunctioning, contact professionals for fridge freezer repairs in Maidstone. Instead of putting the money aside for a refrigerator purchase, you can ask the professionals for repair expenses.

Five Important Factors Affecting Refrigerator Repair Costs

  • Make and model of refrigerator: The repair costs depend on the refrigerator’s model. If you have an advanced model your repair costs will be high. For instance, chest freezers are bigger in size compared to upright freezers. Repair costs vary depending on the type of make and model of the appliance.
  • Warranty coverage: If the fridge’s warranty covers it, then your repair costs will be low. However, repair charges will be high if your fridge is old and there’s no warranty coverage. The warranty does not provide coverage for self-inflicted damages to the refrigerator. When damage falls under the warranty, the expenses are reduced.
  • Age of refrigerator: The appliance’s age plays an important role in the cost of the repairs. If the refrigerator is old, then there might be severe problems that will need high repair costs. Again, for a new refrigerator, the repair costs will be relatively less. If you call a professional for fridge repair, they will check the model and fix the repair cost accordingly.
  • The severity of the problem: The size and difficulty of the refrigerator’s problem are also factors that determine the repair costs. The more complicated the problem, the higher the repair costs. If the problem is severe, it will take a lot of time to fix it. Moreover, the labour charges will also be high. You will need to hire an experienced professional if the problem is severe.
  • Type of professionals hired: The cost of the repair will also vary depending on the type of professional mechanic you hire. If you hire an experienced mechanic, the costs will be high. On the contrary, if you opt for a novice, the costs will be lowered.

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