A fridge freezer is one of the few appliances in the house that runs nonstop. Hence, you must keep your refrigerator in good working condition. Perform simple maintenance tasks daily to enhance its efficiency. This will result in lower energy expenses and reduce the need for frequent refrigerator repair services.
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How to Care for Your Fridge Freezer?

Here’s the list of tips you must follow to care for your refrigerator:

  • Check the door seals: Check that the door seals are tight and clear of any food remains. Use a tiny brush and a solution of baking soda and water twice a year to clean the seals. Energy will be lost, and the fridge will work harder than necessary if cool air leaks out. Hence, you should get the seals checked by an expert.
  • Clean the coils: Dust accumulation on the coils prevents the fridge freezer from operating at its best. Twice a year, pull the fridge away from the wall, unplug the refrigerator, and vacuum the coils using a brush attachment.
  • Clean the inside: Once a month, clean the refrigerator’s walls, doors, and shelves to prevent bacteria and germs from contaminating the food. Also, clean up instantly when something spills inside the refrigerator.
  • Assess the drip pan: The condenser coils in several refrigerator models direct excess moisture into a drip pan. A hose should be attached to your drip pan to redirect the water. However, it may clog with time. You must verify that the drain hole is open and that no foul-smelling water is building up inside.
  • Keep the fridge freezer filled: Thermal mass is necessary for refrigerators to maintain the low temperatures required to keep food and beverages cold. These foods and drinks absorb warm air when refrigerator doors are opened, straining your fridge freezer’s cooling system. If your refrigerator is never filled, load it with empty bottles.

Adhere to the above strategies if you want optimum functionality from your fridge freezer.
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